9 Tips on how to become the expert now that you have written a book

Blog by author Lucinda Douglas about her new book Smart & Savvy Leadership,

A while ago I spoke to a journalist and he said to me: “Lucinda, years ago people would have to spend about a year to become the expert in a field. Today it is done within one week.” I laughed, smiled and said: “No way!” “Sure”, he replied, “we often interview people who say that they are the expert because they have written a book on the topic.”

You see, when people say they are the expert, write blogs on the topic, get interviewed and have a YouTube channel it’s done… as simple as that. I must admit though, I love the idea of it being that simple. But now the work starts. We need to get others to understand that we really are the expert and by establishing yourself with your book it works. Add a masterclass or workshop to your book, see to it that you get interviewed and make a fuss of it. Take pics of yourself when you are being interviewed for your book.

Hard copy or e-book?

I believe a hard copy does the job. I also believe that as an author of your new found expertise, you should always have that book with you. When you go out for a coffee, having conversations with clients and being on shows you need that book as it will open the subject that you can speak on. And never forget the signing sessions. A few days ago I heard something wonderful… just walk into a book store that sells your books and sign a few of them, having it filmed of course.

But there are other “experts” who are much better… what gives me the right?

This is what my client said to me this morning: “How can I say that I am the expert?” Well, you open your mouth and say it. It is as simple as that. While you are doubting and practising, someone else will do it and will have lots of fun as well.

I just wrote a book called Smart & Savvy Leadership and as of now I am the expert on Female Leadership and Empowerment. Well, since I often speak on the topic, this just strengthens my position. Wonderful to be an expert. Now people know what they should hire you for.

My 9 tips

1 Remember to have a speaker’s page and write yourself into a speaker’s agency!

2 Call the local radio and tv-show and get them to be present at your book presentation.

3 Make videos and upload them onto your social media when it comes to passages out of your book.

4 Go to the kiosk and choose your favourite magazines. Now send them messages about your book. You want their attention.

5 Are you sharing your films via you IGTV and your FB channel as well? Start.

6 Are you interviewing other experts in your field? Start

7 Have your organized a lunch or event around the topic yet? Do it.

8 Lives and webinars are great but how I love meeting people in real life. So dynamic right.

9 Who has won your book and with who are you on the photo with your book?


So now you get the idea right? Once you have done all this – and didn’t procrastinate – you are making impact and making the difference. Be inspired as I am. I am off to do what I haven’t done yet! Making impact with my book.

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