Everyday Empowerment

Everyday Empowerment


Everyday Empowerment by Lucinda Douglas, The Yes You Can Woman


What I have discovered, is that women need to be empowerd daily. Everyday empowerment. So they CAN instead of CAN’T. By having me as your cheerleader, you will achieve so much more. Because I know you can and because I believe in you. And trust me, I know that it is possible.

Only by being empowered you can realise you next step! I believe that every woman has more to give. That she is always being bogged down by these ideas that keep her small and away from her true impact. By sharing my insights and life I can help you move forward in realising who you truly are.


Female Behaviour & Empowerment

I was bornn in South Africa and told that achieving was for others. I refused to believe that and so went on to becoming the most inspirational woman in The Netherlands on the subject Empowerment; Female Empowerment. How I achieved this is what I am going to share with you.


7 X Empowerment, 7 weeks

The topics that I am going to share with you are 7 of the topics (followed by 7 assignments) that have the MOST impact on female behaviour.  Within 7 weeks time you will know just how valuable you are, you are going to care much less about what others are thinking and be more confident. Are you ready?


Lucinda Douglas who are you? Do you have the right to speak?

I am an Anglo-Saxon woman who came to Holland 23 years ago without being able to speak a word of Dutch. I have been nominated for the Ethnic Business Woman of the year award 2016 – Encouragement prize. Also nominated for the ViVa400 as one of the most inspiring women of the Netherlands.

I wrote my first book Sales Is Sexy in 2014 and then went on to writing even more. I am now busy writing my next book, my biography Yes You Can Woman, which is all about Empowerment. I have had my own TV program Yes You Can Woman on a national tv station and that was great.



Lucinda Douglas talking about Empowerment


Rules of Empowerment

By applying my own rules of empowerment, I have been in every major magazine and newspaper in the Netherlands (online & offline): Margriet, Libelle, Speakers Academy, Opzij, ZiN, Fabulous Mama, Vrouw.nl, Nieuws.nl and many more!

My time has come to break through internationally but first I want to get you to the next step with me. I have spoken on the podia of UPS international, The Chamber of Commerce, Samsung International, PwC, EY and many more companies and networks.


Empowerment of women is my topic and it should be yours too. I speak and coach internationally and know that whatever your definition of success is, it is possible! My 7 X Empowerment is going to be great! Your investment is € 47,- (ex Dutch vat) and you can start right now! (You will receive your first video early in the morning.)

Allow yourself Empowerment and therefore success with 7 transformational and inspirational videos – followed by 7 assignments – that can absolutely change your behaviour. Change your life. Don’t miss out on them. You are ABSOLUTELY worth it!




How I touched other people’s lifes


The first vlog came in this morning and I immediately read it. I want to apply it! Inspiring! Franca Gribnau


Dear Lucinda Douglas, in my quest for what I really want in my life, I was asked to keep a person in mind that I look at, inspiring me. That’s you. What a power and love for your fellow human beings radiate you. I’m grateful that I met you. Shirley Serno


After speaking to you at the trade fair, I not only chose another job but I also took action on something I wanted to do as a child: I started getting my lorry license. I have passed the first 2 parts last Monday. The next series will start in September. Then exams in October and then… hit the road. This year I will succeed. And why? Just because it’s possible!!! Lucia Nouwens


Everyday Empowerment by Lucinda Douglas


 My 1-on-1 Yes You Can Coaching by Lucinda was a Life Changing experience! Because of her professional and super positive attitude, I was able to grow beyond myself. Lucinda showed me perspectives of myself that I didn’t think possible. She has fully empowered me, getting me in getting the best out of myself! With a list of practical do’s I went home. Lucinda has also done a lot for me by sharing many contacts from her amazing network. I’m completely in the Flow and still have that great feeling of using my full potential. Thankful I am for this beautiful day! Athilde Whyte


Lucinda shows that you yourself are the biggest obstacle. Lucinda acts as a mirror for you, but also shows that she sometimes struggles. In a 1-on-1 session she gave this insight: “You love yourself, Marieke. You see that what you do for granted. That’s it for you, but not for another. You can literally show people who they can be, it’s your gift and it’s a shame for the world if you’re not going to give it completely!” Lucinda sincerely wishes that you do not let yourself to be kept down; don’t let your fears runaway with you; embrace them. Marieke Hendrix


Lucinda is able to create a climate in which you immediately start brainstorming about yourself. Her rich life experience helps to peer out and discuss these insights so that they become real targets. Lucinda confronts you smiling. Kicking your ass in such a way that it still ‘hurts’ in the car towards home. What a power! Not to be compared. Thxs for inspiration and energy Lucinda, to be continued. Toine Joosten


7 Transformational & Inspirational Videos

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Lucinda Douglas is the Yes You Can Woman