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What I have discovered, is that women need to be empowerd daily. So they CAN instead of CAN’T. By having me as your cheerleader, you will achieve so much more. Because I know you can and because I believe in you. And trust me, I know that it is possible.

I was born in South Africa and told that achieving was for others. I refused to believe that and so went on to becoming the most inspirational woman in The Netherlands on the subject Empowerment. How I achieved this is what I am going to share with you. Not everything just yet but I will share 3 amazing ‘CANS’ that you can apply immediately.

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‘When he came to my door with a brown paper bag with the contents of 15.000 euro, he said: “Buy a car and see to it that you get your Dutch licence.” The only thing I had were my two small children and a bicycle. Not exactly the Dream life right. His action changed my life but it was not the money… It was something else and that changed everything. Until today that is what I am truly greatfull for!’


Do you want to know how, why and if you need my inspiration? To change your life?

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Everyday Empowerment by Lucinda Douglas