My name is Lucinda Douglas, I am a product

My name is Lucinda Douglas and I am a product. Yes that’s right, I am a product. Let me tell you it took me a while to get here but I can assure you, being a product is amazing. It gives me freedom to live and enjoy and it gets me into all possible magazines and newspapers.

The product, It could be you

As a result of that… my clothing and lingerie are sponsored and I am a honorary lecturer at one of the most international privately run universities in Europe. Last year I spoke at the African Top She Speaks in Nigeria where I shared the podium with two amazing women; Nobel Peace Laureate Lehmah Gbowee and Ireti Doyle, Nigeria’s most amazing actress, with whom I  frequently chat via social media. And I write books; about my life, about my experiences and about how I see things… mostly about empowerment and personal leadership. People love the way in which I share… me.

Let’s take Kim Kardashian for example. In 2017 she raised her price to 700.000 dollars an hour. I laughed and enjoyed the mere fact that she could do it. When I shared this, people kept on saying but who would pay so much money for her and what would she do for that amount. Why, who, what! Had she gone crazy? Yes, I shared it with my students because I was totally convinced that she had started the revolution. Well, I had no idea what her price was before the time but for my story it really didn’t make any difference.

Kim has no specific superpower or talent yet became famous because of the family reality show. I know what you are thinking… it was an adult video that made her famous. Well, I haven’t seen it, know nothing of it and I have no idea if it helped. I think that you could start a reality show of your own and that this could be your outcome as well.

Kim’s younger sister really captivates me and now I am going to link it to the business. You see, Kyle Jenner just became the youngest billionaire at the age of 21. She even did it ‘better’ than Mark Zuckerberg. She has no Master, no MBA and yet we laugh at the fact that she is making billions. Even people who have money as a first priority. Not me but we should take this way of earning money really seriously and look at what we can learn from it.

New ways of thinking about business models

I am investigating just being famous as an earning model. Sure, I have to perform and write books and have a very clear opinion. Meet up with the right people and have a sound mind. Share and challenge and since I have been doing just that, my prices have gone up and I am speaking to ten times the price that I used to. I have been featured in every single Dutch newspaper and magazine. Well, give or take a few but the press loves interviewing me and because of this publicity my speakers’ agencies and clients love me.

One thing is for sure, we are not utilizing this new ways of marketing to the max. We are still teaching people the traditional ways of doing business and the traditional ways of getting ahead. Even although tradition is a good basis, you should challenge yourself to new avenues, new ideas and combine them. I refuse to work with funnels and complicated sales and marketing tools. I believe that when you are what you should be for the other person, people automatically latch on and experience who you are.

I am a fan of Kirk Franklin. I love his music but believe me that I don’t have to receive his newsletter yet I am planning on going to his concert in the United States. Why? I love what he does and that goes beyond a newsletter.

Suppose you would want to work with funnels and marketing tools, it’s alright as well. The only thing is, allow yourself new possibilities. A while ago something amazing happened to me or at least I think it’s amazing. I was asked to come and be present at an empowerment series for women. I had to do absolutely nothing just my presence was good enough. And sure… I got paid for it. Perhaps it’s the add-ons of being a celebrity or just living by different rules. I love it!

Senior partner

Back to the business model. Myself as a business model is something I can easily mould and that’s great. As your own business model you don’t have to be concerned about what your business is; your skill package is enough. I love what I do but I do it because of the space and the possibilities that it offers. This is why I became a business woman.

In the fall of 2019 I will start as a senior partner of a consulting agency that specializes in… marketing & leadership. The amazing part is, although the website is not even live, people now already want to do business with me. And that is… because I am my ‘own marketing tool’.

International Speaker and Author

Sure it helps to be a speaker and author. I decide on which topics I write and my agenda is booked nationally and internationally. I realize that it’s a mindset. I know that books have a due date so writing in every language and publishing on Amazon gives space. I love personal leadership so I write on it and that’s done. Well, it’s a lifestyle but what I have learnt is that we are all so different and everybody needs their own sort of earning model. Not two people are alike. By speaking I get even more speaking gigs. It’s a chain and that is good. I even believe that one can speak without having written books. An opinion or way of looking at life is amazing as well. Just find your superpower and work with it.

‘Done is better than perfect!’

People now ask me if this is the perfect model. Well, it depends on you. Nothing is flawless and perfect but what is amazing is that you can now live without the silly rules of free give-aways and an e-book (well, ok then), incomprehensible marketing models or whatever people are teaching as standard and they want you to take it as gospel. Think first! We need to know enough to create a liveable combination. We have forgotten what it’s like to just be. In the state of just being, you have more success in any part of life. Try it and find a way that works for you. And I can tell you one thing: ‘Done is better than perfect!’

Want to know if this might work for you? Plan a sparring session with me of two hours. Then we could look at what suits your personality and your way of life. Just live your life to the max… you can do it as well!

Lucinda Douglas is an international speaker and women advocate. She speaks on personal leadership, empowerment, confidence and teaches women how to be the best version of themselves. Lucinda has written several books. In 2016 she was nominated for Ethnic Businesswoman of the Year and nominated for VIVA 400 as one of the most inspiring women in the Netherlands. Lucinda is an honorary lecturer at the most international university in the Netherlands and also leads a Mastermind for Women called ELLE.

Lucinda was born in South Africa at a time when apartheid was at its peak. As a black woman she had been taught to survive and overcome. She now lives in Europe where she advises, inspires and leads women to the top of their capacities. She has several nominations allocated to her name, worked her way to the top of the corporate ladder and knows better than anyone else how to play the game of success.