Signs? Damn! You really are what you believe!

A while ago I was in a conversation and some lady said: ‘I believe in the signs I see. Some signs like 11:11 or 13 or 7 are holy to me. There is a message in these signs.’ Bullshit. These signs are for people who would love to see their decisions confirmed. These decisions are often for people –women- who would like help from anything and everything. Well, let me tell you… YOU DECIDE AND LIVE BY YOUR DECISIONS.


All about making decisions

By saying this I probably make myself very unpopular but life is not a range of coincidences, life is not a range of spots of luck, life is also not based on feelings that are here today and gone tomorrow. Live is all about making decisions and even if they are hard, you stick to it. You stick to it because there is where you learn character, endurance and commitment.


Next time you see a sign and it’s not a sign post…


I have been married to my husband – my second husband – for 13 years and we have had really challenging times, especially in the beginning. I am South African and I have a passionate personality. Often I am lightly flammable and it’s either my way or the highway.


I like my choices

What I learn in this relationship is that choosing to love someone means that there are periods that I also don’t love him. There are periods that he is my friend and I fall in and out of love with him but then I value him for who he is. Why am I telling you this? Because If I would listen to signs or chatter, I would have left him a long time ago but he is MY choice and I like my choices!


Choose your life!

Well… I am a no sign chick. I stick to my guns. Sometimes things are really difficult or I made bad choices. But then again I learn from these choices. Stand firm, choose and don’t let coincidence play a role in your life. People who choose are sexy, experience magnificent things and leave superstition far from them. It is superstition that carries really bad omens with it. Well, you get my message.


Signs? You better…

So the next time you see a sign and it’s not a sign post, walk by and smile. Choose your own life, your own dreams and dump signs…


PS! When reading this blog… it’s no sign but time to choose!