This is why women are the better salesmen


This is why women are the better salesmen - blog by Lucinda Douglas


A while ago someone asked me if I knew a really good sales advisor for a large company. I immediately said yes and introduced the most charming and honest man I know. I knew that they would hit it off because when I look at him and hear him speak it takes my breath away. And yes, he is an author and knows all that there is to know about sales. He has a proven track record and has worked in the branch for years. Money is not his motivation and that is the part I love.


But why not do it yourself Lucinda?

As you know my specialism is Female Leadership and Female Sales. I have written 3 books to support it and spoken at and trained many companies and women. In my most recent book my story is called Power Play and it’s a must read for every woman who wants to get ahead! You’ll find it in The Only 21 stories You will ever Need to be successful in life and Business. You see, there are lots of males and females in top positions who would never hire a woman to do the job. Even although I am one of two women in the Netherlands to hold the title Top 10 sales leader; he is one of 8 men holding the title.


I know that when I make my appearance in these companies, they have more trust in men. Women and men prefer men to do the job and women are left out in the cold. Is that a bad thing… sure but as you know me I am more than sure if the facts are clear the rules of the game are clear as well, then you have to work with what you have.

No, men are not better but when I explain companies what my credentials are on the topic of Female Leadership they love the idea of having a man giving the workshops. It’s amazing but true, women still believe that men know more than women. As I can’t change their mentality, I have to work around it.


Let men ‘work’ for you!

When I meet people and I know that I am not going to get the job, I ask this charming man to meet with them. In the eyes of these companies he is the better choice. We have the agreement that if he gets work through my network, I earn a substantial fee and he gets the job done. All I have to do is see to it that they have a long and happy future together. And I do that by visiting the company that he works for telling them how amazing he is. And he is!

For now I only work with him and I must admit it works out great… imagine, once again I love doing this and its fun! And it earns money, right.


I could even start a company with only doing this, I could but for now this works for me and it is something that you can apply as of today. It’s fun, it earns and you help yourself by helping someone else. My style, my life and let men do the job!


So how can you apply it in your business?

It does not matter what you do, this is applicable all the time. As long as you know how people think, you will always be one step ahead and don’t forget, praising someone else is much better than praising yourself. I love that and I know that it works much better. People believe other people about other people… always.

The ingredients to this match made in heaven is that you need to find a very honest partner. As I am straight and honest I have lots of these people in my network. Then you need to discuss the plan and trust the other person. Try it a few times and sharing is so much more fun than just slogging on your own. As an entrepreneur it works, as a consultant it works and in a multinational it works really well.


What do you get out of it?

Well, let’s see, you can send an invoice every month to this person. You are now both top of mind with each other and its fun. All of a sudden your income stream has taken a route that it would otherwise not have. It’s smart and savvy and you have a solution to nearly every problem. Someone once said it’s like having a multinational without people on your pay roll.


Why is this blog called, women are the better salesmen? Ha, ha… I am sitting behind my pc writing this blog and sharing it with you and someone else out there is doing something that he likes and is good at. We are both smiling, happy and earning. My goodness… what could be better than putting men to work J