Woman, live your life!


photo: ethan robertson

photo: ethan robertson


‘Lucinda, I want to live my dream. I am not quite sure what it is but I want to start.’ It’s a Friday morning and this is great news. Another wonderful woman with whom I am going to start the Yes You Can Woman program.


My next appointment takes me to Amsterdam. Right into the centre of the business. To one of the biggest companies worldwide. This company is all about innovation and my car is parked alongside all the newest models. I smile because a week before I spoke at the book presentation of Erwin Wijman and it was all about cars… lifestyle, honesty, living your passion, finding yourself … personal development!


The week before I too spoke at PricewaterhouseCoopers and where I was now, PwC was just around the corner.


Great connection

Entering the reception area with my personalised bag Yes You Can by Lucinda I notice a certain feeling of uneasiness. Even although all these men in grey suits have no idea who I am, the thought of walking with this bag gives me a certain feeling. The receptionist and I start a great conversation. A great connection and she gets coffee for me and we exchange a feeling of kindness.


After a while my contact fetches me and the conversation starts. It was about her. She works 40 hours a week, has 2 children and a husband that I would throw out within the hour. She tells me that she wants to be of meaning to the world. That she needs to spend time with herself but has no chance.


Modern jail & rat race

She tells me that women whom she thought to be her girlfriends have not invited her to their birthday parties and that she can’t be alone and, does not earn enough to go further with her children.

Her breath is high, really high and she speaks fast. Disappointment, being rushed and not resting enough is getting to her. He (her spouse) does not allow her freedom. Life is all about him at home. Or at least so she perceives it.


Holidays, life, children… it’s all about status, money, being important and just being seen. This is the modern jail, a rat race and no one lives long enough in this rut to inspire others. Oh and let’s not forget, the cleaning lady does not do it well enough and she has a bad relationship with her inlaws.

On this day that she is speaking to me, her children and husband are at the funeral of his grandmother but because she is disappointed in his attitude she refuses to go.


Holidays, life, children… it’s all about status, money, being important and just being seen


My advice for You

We walk to the exit and she remarks on my car: ‘Oh Lucinda, I thought that you had a rich husband who bought you this car.’ I smile and say: ‘No, we work in our company called Lucinda Douglas. He loves cycling so he has a bicycle. He looks after our children because he is caring, loving and he finds me to be the most wonderful woman in the world. He makes me laugh and we don’t spend lots of money. We value small things in life and we love to be together.’ She laughs nervously.


I gave her some advices:

  • Start spending more time with yourself.
  • Tell yourself and your surroundings that you are special, beautiful and talented.
  • Work 2 days less per month and meditate, practise mindfulness and do some yoga.
  • Learn how to breath.
  • Become the best friend of your husband or leave him.
  • Children do not need more than 1 sport.
  • Focus on that, that makes a difference in life – not everything is important and cut yourself some slack.
  • Children need happy, healthy, warm and kind moms and fathers.
  • Take a break for 3 days with me.


Yes You Can Live Your Dream!

The dream of working in an international organisation often means concessions. The organisation is not the question but you are. Within the organisation you have to learn to live your dream. This company hires you for your talents and you are committed but you also have the right to live your dream. The company you work for should facilitate you. Find yourself worth the while…


Female Empowerment

I worked in the multinational world and now I help women in these companies become the best version of themselves. My program is recognized by the European Union as it is all about empowerment. Female Empowerment.

I step into my car, call my husband and tell him how much I appreciate him. Put on some lovely music and drive home. I just love living my dream… I owe it to myself!


Do you want to live your dream? Attend my event!