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Boost your creativity by Lucinda Douglas


Last week I was asked to give a seminar on how one could tap into your creativity. I love sharing these steps with you and for me as a creative entrepreneur, it was wonderful to see how creativity unfolds. I had never thought about this process. Never wondered how it worked, I have always trusted the fact that if the time is there, I would just be creative. Up to now that has always been the case and It has never let me down.


Creativity, natural skill

Sharing the steps gave me that amazing feeling of being really special because now I had to teach people a skill that I don’t even consider a skill. It is something I actually take for granted. I discovered that I was already following all the steps because throughout the years I had found that they worked. I don’t follow them as I taught my class but it was really great having aha moments while preparing.


‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’ – Albert Einstein


I have just decided to run a series of interviews with PowerWomen to let their stories be told; the first five interviews are for my account. After that you pay an amount for sharing your knowledge in a pleasant way – we might even work out a visibility plan. For me this is a logical conclusion of what I do, for me being creative is very usual and normal but I discovered something while preparing for the seminar.


Intriquing question: are women more creative than men?

To tell you the truth, in my seminar I used Einstein, Tupac, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Shakespeare as my examples. I just could not find any women at that time. And yet I know that they are there. If you know a few, add them!


5 ways to skyrocket your creativity:

1. Creativity needs courage

Creativity takes courage. When we reconnect with our creativity we reconnect with who we were made to be. It’s easy to dismiss the urges we get to create. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time, but it’s not. Our creativity is our divine nature. When we act on our creative impulses we recognize our true self. Unlocking more of who we are, leads us to our greatest purpose.


2. Never compare

The fastest way to squash any creativity is to compare yourself to others. Comparison contaminates what’s really there. Be true to you and acknowledge your gifts without comparing them.


3. Make time

Stop watching TV or playing online games. One of the biggest reasons people give for not creating is time. Don’t let time be your reason. Make time.


4. Trust your creativity

Look around you and recognize what you’ve already done. Don’t take it for granted if you’ve created a better world for yourself to live in. Appreciate all you’ve done, the progress you’ve made. When we get to the point of appreciation we validate our own creativity, which opens us up to more.


5. Just do it! Play & Question

Have more fun with life. Seriousness does not stimulate creativity as well as fun can. By nurturing our playful sides, we feel more joyful and creative. Try these ideas to start playing again: Set an intention to play more; keep fun things accessible; try a new fitness class at the gym or an art class in your community; or get goofy and horse around with the kid or pets. And always be curious about life.


I hope that you are going to start today with using your creativity. It always delivers!


Have fun…



P.S. The women

When finishing this blog, three women came to my mind:

  • Marie Curie (two Nobel Prizes) who defined the theory of radioactivity (a discovery she actually died for);
  • Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr who invented a communications technique (in the pre-computer age) which is used by the US military and in WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth;
  • Last but not least and whatever you may think of her: Kim Kardashian, for creating an massive personal brand by being famous for… being famous!


Lucinda Douglas is an Entrepreneurial Inspirator and an amazing speaker on Yes You Can. She is well known as being the Yes You Can Woman and her public loves her talkshows, masterclasses end talks… You can find her on www.lucindadouglas.nl


And many thanks to Danielle Vaughn for creative input