9 Tips on how to become the expert now that you have written a book

Blog by author Lucinda Douglas about her new book Smart & Savvy Leadership,

A while ago I spoke to a journalist and he said to me: “Lucinda, years ago people would have to spend about a year to become the expert in a field. Today it is done within one week.” I laughed, smiled and said: “No way!” “Sure”, he replied, “we often interview people who say that they are the expert because they have written a book on the topic.”

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My name is Lucinda Douglas, I am a product

My name is Lucinda Douglas and I am a product. Yes that’s right, I am a product. Let me tell you it took me a while to get here but I can assure you, being a product is amazing. It gives me freedom to live and enjoy and it gets me into all possible magazines and newspapers.

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